Come out and raise money while getting in a morning of exercise with friends and co-workers.  The walk this year is Saturday May 12th Pittsburgh and Saturday May 19th in Harrisburg.  Please join the GLY Foundation for this annual event to raise money for a Healthier Community.  Join a team or start your own team with friends or co-workers.  For information contact Bob Eager at the GLY website or go to to get signed up for the GLY Foundation. Start today to get that team together and be the top fund raiser for this event.  This is also a great event for kids to sign up and build their own team, each year KIDS KIDDING CANCER come out in great numbers to help the GLY cause.  WHAT'S THE GLY CAUSE !!!! WHILE IT'S KIDDING CANCER !!!!!!!!  Come join the fun and a great day of community fellowship.