Presidents Message

A Message from the GLY President

The GLY Foundation is a passion of mine! Personally, I have been touched by too many deaths directly resulting from Cancer. We have to continue the fight for those people that cannot fight anymore.

I encourage everyone to get their Cancer screenings done. It does not matter on your age or gender, please get checked! Awareness is a huge part of our mission, and very important to our message we are sharing.

We are truly a foundation that harnesses the energy of our board members, volunteers and sponsors. We are constantly looking for opportunities to raise funds to increase our donations to local entities who share our mission. We cannot do it alone!

As president and founder of the GLY Foundation, I am honored to serve in this capacity since its inception. Together with the GLY Board and Committee members, we have built a foundation second to none and we will continue to strive to be the leader in the fight to eradicate Cancer.

Together we fight, Together we will win!